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Welcome to Bollire

“Happiness lives in the kitchen”

— These words of the famous cook Paul Bocuse inspired us to create the Bollire® brand.

For centuries food was cooked on open fire in clay pots – it was important to satisfy the hunger and to survive.
During the Medieval times heavy iron pots and frying pans with long handles were used.
The progress of XX century brought us stainless steel, light aluminum and bright enamel cookware;
Cookware manufacturing of the XXI century involves the newest composite materials, alloys, polymers and ceramics.

Cooking food turned to art from the tiring routine:
we create, experiment and enjoy the process in the kitchen;
we appreciate safety, ergonomics and attractive appearance of cookware.

Manufacturers and sellers strive to meet our needs.
The selection is enormous:
heavy and light frying pans, pans with lids and without them, kettles and casseroles with handles of various designs, proud of their logos and nameless items, sets packaged in pompous boxes and saucepans simply hanging on the stands, both cheap and extra expensive.

If you are neither a technologist nor a designer nor an experienced cook nor a marketing expert;

How can you make sense of materials, technologies, shapes ?

How can you assess the safety, durability, and correspondence of price to the quality ?

and not to fall for advertising tricks?

What to choose?

If you:
  • are searching for high-quality cookware for a fair price;
  • have changed the stove and your old cookware does not meet the type of your new stove;
  • are searching for a housewarming party gift;
  • dream to become a famous food stylist;
  • would like to replace your cookware with more modern, comfortable and elegant kind without going broke;
  • decided to keep the strict healthy way of life;
  • are selecting cookware for your new house;
  • are searching for a pan to cook the delicious and healthy cereal for your baby;
  • are selecting the best frying pan for your signature dish;
  • are planning to buy cookware which will serve you for ages;
  • if your hobby is cooking,
the answer is Bollire®!


Bollire® is cookware with no flaws!

Bollire® is magnificent stylistic solutions,
Bollire® is the Italian design.
Bollire® is the unique performance characteristics.

For Bollire® we  selected the best materials  and state-of-the-art technologies, considered all the aspects influencing the quality of the cooked food and safety, created the elegant modern recognizable Bollire® design.

We do not forget about the details that’s why cooking with Bollire® is comfortable and pleasant. We control all the processes of  development, design, manufacturing, transportation and product supply – we know how to work we are responsible for what we do!

We strive to be the best!

Inspiration with Bollire

Are you excited

about our products?

We strive to be the best!
It’s easy with us, because we know our trade!
Because we hold responsibility for what we do!
And simply because we love what we do!