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Article: BR-1103 Diameter: 24cm

Casserole MILANO 4.3 L


Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 26 × 15 cm

Inner coating


Bakelite, with SOFT TOUCH coating and a silicon insert

Stove type


Superior to the competition in many respects, marble-coated Bollire kitchenware is 3 times better in terms of anti-adhesivity, 50% more resistant to scratching and 2 times more durable than its equivalents. It has a cast aluminium base and a durable eco-friendly marble coating on the inside. Fast heating and good heat retention properties save energy and ensure lengthy, efficient use. Exceptional heat conductivity, retention of taste and nutrients – all that allows cooking superb food of incredible taste and flavour.

Full technical specification
Material Inner coating
Cast aluminium PFLUON Marble - triple-layered wear-resistant anti-adhesive coating
Outer coating Bottom technology
PFLUON Marble - double-layered wear-resistant anti-adhesive coating FULL INDUCTION BOTTOM
Lid material Handle
Heat resistant glass with a silicon rim (the silicon rim allows closing the lid silently and prevents shearing in case of falling) Bakelite, with SOFT TOUCH coating and a silicon insert
Stove type Oven safe
Usable with stoves of any type, including induction cooktops No
Dishwasher safe
Can be washed in the dishwasher at a temperature not exceeding 40 C.